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Nowadays Private Label is an important part of the commercial market in Europe and worldwide. Many trading companies have realized that Private Label makes it possible to determine the market position of products itself. The brand policy includes the quality, processing and the origin of the products as well as the price and the margin.

Trademarks are not new. Aldi had already introduced its first own brand in the sixties of the 20th century. In Germany Private Label for tools has been known for more than 25 years. At first, professional brands were accompanied sceptically. Today they are indispensable and by this reason the quality demand increases permanently. In the meantime more and more brands are on the same quality level than manufacturer’s brands.

The requirements on private brands regarding quality, price/performance, innovation, differentiation, short-term delivery and service can only be achieved by specialists like OrbisWill.

OrbisWill meets the highest quality requirements due to their own production plants in Germany. They are able to develop and control the quality of its products optimally because of a high standard of efficiency. The combination of an excellent quality, an enormous variety of differentiation, the packaging and the presentation of brands make a unique selling position for your assortment possible. That is the particular strength of OrbisWill as a specialist for Private Label.

OrbisWill has specialized in offering intensive advice on product choice as well as on the composition of product ranges due to a long term experience in manufacturing of hand tools for different applications in industry and trade. The right products for the right markets are important elements for a successful performance of your own brand.

Furthermore, the development of new products is an essential competitive factor to update optimal selected product ranges. Only manufacturer that are able to innovate are recognized as a real partner of industry and trade. Essential for the reputation of your brand are environment-sparing, ergonomically-designed products to make the work easier and to keep the health of the users. To be innovative is a central mission of OrbisWill.

The delivery time and the availability of products are important factors too. In a world of quick decisions it is more difficult to fix a long-term sales plan. Another aspect is to keep the storage costs low by high stock turnover rates combined with lowest stock. You need quick-thinking suppliers to achieve these targets such as OrbisWill. Speed and flexibility guarantee to satisfy your customers today and in the future.

Finally, a good cost-benefit ratio is the basis for profitable business. The focus is especially on Private Label. In the long term a good price at optimum performance is required to be well established on the market. For years OrbisWill has been accepting the challenge and is a reliable partner for dealers.

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OrbisWill meets your challenge in accordance with our slogan "Your Brand, Our Mission"

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