Quality made by ORBIS and WILL

Branded products made in ORBIS or WILL facilities are not made just for the moment but for long time heavy duty. This has been our distinguishing mark for decades and keeps us always a step ahead in respect of quality in comparison to competitive products.

Our high standard of high quality and functionality is supported by

  • timeless classical and individual design by ORBIS
  • modern and characteristical design by WILL.

Since the very beginning genuine ORBIS and WILL products are made from highest grade material – from the special tool steel for the forgings to the multi-component handles - specially developed for us in Germany.

All materials and all components are put through their paces by our experienced technicians and developers. Up to date control and testing methods, extreme functionality and durability tests pay off particularly for you as a customer: our products ease your tough daily work and make it safer.

Above of that our products provide a maximum of comfort, safety (see VDE and VPA-GS- approvals), ease of operation and ergonomics. Ergonomics is what we have focussed on especially the recent years.The EvoL!ne is the outstanding proof of our work and expertise for your ergonomical working and health. 

Numerous approvals, certificates and exposés as well as long-time partners and customers in more than 65 countries world wide are our best witnesses.

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